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The importance of „volunteerism“?
Civic commitment is voluntary and serves a common good.
Disaster management and emergency services rank among the most common port of calls for people who want to do voluntary work because accidents, fires and disasters represent general life risks.
Fire brigades, technical rescue services and rapid-response units provide fast help in case of need, but can only do so with properly trained helpers. Unlike many other countries, Germany falls back on volunteers without pay to staff disaster management and emergency services. In Germany, the management of emergencies is a living and functioning example of an active citizen-state-relationship based on the commitment and personal responsibility of many volunteers. Without the personal commitment and great dedication of volunteers, civil defense would not be possible and affordable at such a high level in Germany.
As a volunteer in a disaster / ambulance service or a fire brigade you can play an active part in the community and contribute something to the common good.

Why do voluntary work?
Volunteers like you are indispensible even in larger cities having full-time rapid-response units. Professional help can, however, only be given by people trained accordingly.
The skills and technical know-how that are taught by the respective organizations will most probably also include skills that are useful for your professional life. At the same time, you get to know interesting people who you might not have met in other circumstances, leading to friendships lasting a lifetime. Indeed, quite a few people have even met their future spouse on these occasions.
You will get a wide range of technical, medical or managerial / organizational skills by taking one of the offered training courses which are either taught on-site or at a regional fire brigade, ambulance or THW school.  
Did you know that by attending a seminar of several days’ duration you can even learn how to weld? Did you know that you can even enroll on a managerial course, thus obtaining a double benefit from this training for your job / studies? In addition to technical expertise, these courses also teach social and job-related skills and familiarize participants with the notions of democracy. These are important factors to render these courses attractive for volunteers. Of course, volunteers attend these training courses for free. All assignments are carefully planned, carried out and followed up. The safety of each and every person involved is of utmost importance.
Experiences gained in the course of these missions at home or abroad will permanently change your attitude towards your own way of living.
Many volunteers prefer social evenings, excursions and seminars to evenings spent alone in front of the TV. To cut a long story short – doing voluntary work can give you a satisfying sense of fulfillment.

What can I do if I want to do voluntary work for a disaster management service or a fire brigade?

You are a volunteer and want to help? Our platform shows you where, when and how to apply. A variety of relief organizations offer a wide range of projects in which you can play an active part. This way, you can choose a task that corresponds to your skills and interests. Even if you are still underage, you can do voluntary work in a youth group.

Thomas Strobl

Stellvertretender Ministerpräsident und Minister für Inneres, Digitalisierung und Migration des Landes Baden-Württemberg

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